895TheMix.com is committed to providing inspirational, educational, enjoyable and uplifting programming. We believe that the people we want to connect with share our thoughts, opinions and ideas. We are providing affordable broadcasting solutions to those entrepreneurs, businesses, churches and non-profit organizations that are committed to giving back, supporting and making a difference in our communities. 895TheMix.com is one of the fastest growing online radio networks and is currently heard in 23 countries, including the US. Dedicated to creating a space where YOUR voice can be heard and YOUR message can be shared. 895TheMix.com. The People’s Voice. The People’s Choice.


About Our Founder

Anthony C. Skinner is an entrepreneur and business owner passionate about producing and broadcasting quality, informative and inspirational programming. Anthony and his wife, Yvonne, have 2 sons, Anthony Jr. and Jeremiah. The family has several businesses including health, nutrition and financial education. The Skinner’s have been married over 18 years and also host their own show on the station, “xxxx”. Add more info or allow me to interview you and Yvonne and I’m happy to write it.


About The Empowerment Center

895TheMix.com has partnered with The Empowerment Center (for profit) and The Empowerment of Charlotte (not for profit, 501c3 organization). The Empowerment Center is for people who have an idea or experience that has uniquely equipped them in a way that now they want to share it with the world, help others and make a successful business out of it. They may still be working a job, but have a burning desire to take action and build their own future, pour into their own dreams. They may be looking for help with planning, funding, structuring, marketing, goal setting and budgeting. We believe that your gifts will make room for you. It is our goal to help you to make that a reality!

Our Mission: To empower the community to economic independence with entrepreneurship.

The Empowerment Center of Charlotte (TECoC)

TECoC is a registered, licensed 501c3 not for profit organization, committed to giving back to the community directly. We believe that if you teach a man to fish he can feed himself but sometimes we need to feed the man first. Our annual outreach activities include:

Neighborhood Share Warmth – Coat Drive (September through November) November 19th, 2016 Distribution at The Community Outreach

Share the Love – Feb 11th, 2017 (distribution of coats, blankets, food, hot chocolate)

Monthly Women’s Empowerment at The Salvation Army Women’s Shelter (3rd Thursday of each Month)

Bi-Monthly WEN (Women’s Empowerment Networks). Women’s Empowerment discussion group. Ages 25+.

Bi-Monthly M.E.N. (Male Empowerment Networks) (Charlotte & Greensboro Chapters). Men and teenaged men’s discussion group. Ages 12+.

B.Y.E. Building Young Entrepreneurs – 4 week Summer Program exposing our youth to the option of entrepreneurship. Ages 7-19

Adopt a GrandParent – Dec 17, 2016 (Gift Bags, Christmas Party, Hand Massages, dancing and talking with our seniors at The Nursing Home). Each volunteer will exchange a gift back and their phone number so that they can call, text and keep in touch with their new grand parent for the up-coming year. It is a wonderful experience, especially for those of us whose grandparents may have gone on or are not in our city.

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